Want to learn exactly what you need to do to drop unsightly body fat, gain sky high body confidence, and build a body you are proud of?

Psst – It’s got nothing to do with Low Carb diets, grueling hours of Cardio, or avoiding the foods you love.


Let me tell you one thing straight… Getting in shape is simple.

Note: “Simple” not easy.

However with other Online Trainers and Coaches overwhelming you with complex approaches and complicated methods of nutrition, there’s no wonder you are struggling with knowing where to start.

You are likely questioning why you aren’t seeing results?

You’re working out 3-5 times per week. Eating “ok”. Not snacking on junk. But never look any different when looking in the mirror.

I hear it ALL the time.

“I’m eating well, but never seem to be able to get the scales to budge”

“I’m working out regularly, but never look any leaner”

“I always start off well, but then lose motivation after a few weeks”

But let me tell you… If you have been guilty of saying this. I get it. In fact I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years, to have heard this all before, so don’t panic. I’ve seen Clients just like you go from, disheartened, overwhelmed, unhappy, and uncomfortable, to lean, confident, and over the moon with what they see in the mirror.

So let me guess…

1 of these options describes you…

  • You think you are doing everything you need to be doing – Eating well, working out often, yet never seem to see anything change when you look in the mirror, you feel the efforts you are putting in, don’t reflect the progress you are making.

  • You just don’t know where to start – You’d go to the gym, wonder around, jump from equipment, to equipment, with no real purpose in your workouts, and “hope” what you are doing is working.

  • You know what you need to be doing, you realise you should be eating better, and making exercise more of a routine for you, however keep pushing it back to tomorrow to get started – As a result, keep finding yourself in the same place, week after week, month after month.

My mission is to take you from 1 of these options, and fast track you results, to leave you building a body you are proud of.

So I guess you probably want to know about me, and why you may want to listen to what I have to say…

My name is Sam Meade.

I’ve helped 200+ Clients become happier, more confident, more comfortable and proud of what they see in the mirror, from my Fault proof fat loss formula.

All while still enjoying the foods they love, and living a normal lifestyle.

Most of the clients come to me feeling… Unhappy with their Image. Uncomfortable with what they see in the mirror. Unconfident in their clothes. And not knowing what to do about it.

However, over the past 10 years, it seems I’ve done a pretty good job, at getting them to turn a corner, and start achieving the results they deserve.

See our client results

Here are some of the clients who have gone through the exact programme we are going to discuss for you.

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Now, I’m not saying any of this to impress you, or WOW you, but more so, to show you how simple getting in shape can be.

Most people out there, and in fact most coaches, are making things WAY too complicated.

Complicated = Hard to stick to = Lack of Adherence = Lack of results = Lack of motivation

There’s no need for…

  • Cutting out Carbs

  • Avoiding the foods you love

  • Grueling hours of Cardio

  • Feeling like you’re starving yourself

You don’t get any brownie points for making things harder the need to be. What you will get is…

  • Frustration

  • Disappointment

  • Uncertainty

What you need is…

And it’s these 4 core areas that build the foundations of my coaching, which has been responsible for helping me transform hundreds of clients bodies and lives.

start your journey

So how my coaching works….

  • I’ll perform an initial 7 day Nutrition audit on your current diet, picking out all the areas to improve, change, and adjust, to leave you able to implement the changes from day 1, working around YOUR current schedule, opposed to fitting something that has ZERO relevance to you.

  • You will then have your own personalised approach, whether that be from your bespoke Nutrition guidelines, or tailored Nutrition plan built from scratch around you, your lifestyle, goals, ability and preferences.

  • You’ll have access to a completely custom built training program combining the most researched based methods of resistance training, leaving you having a step by step approach with your workouts, knowing exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, guaranteeing you the success of burning unsightly body fat, toning up, sculpting your body, and create the shape you want.

  • You’ll have me at your fingertips – through our state of the art custom training app, with an inbuilt private messenger system, if you ever had any issues, problems, struggles, questions, or obstacles, you are just a message away.

  • Week Check in reviews – Each and every week, you’ll perform your own weekly review, through our personalised check in service. Detailing how your week has gone from Nutrition, to Workouts, to physical changes, to questions to concerns. I will then perform a Video analysis each week in response to this, providing you a weekly action plan of exactly what needs to be done over the next 7 days to move you closer to your goals.

  • Private members area – 10 years worth of education, experience, and key areas ready to implement, and condense into its own series of modules for you to get immediate access to, to level up your education, and understanding of Training, Nutrition, and Mindset.

  • Facebook Support group – You’ll get immediate access to our Facebook Support group, where you have access to weekly accountability posts, challenges, and a group of like minded individuals.

  • Support Calls – If you are ever in a moment of overwhelm, confusion, or feel you have hit a roadblock, you have the opportunity to book in support calls with your coach, to help address the issues, and create an immediate action plan, leaving you ready to continue making progress.

And that’s not it….

You’ll also get your hands on all our ready to use resources, such as our done for you Habit, Routine, and weekly planners, Goal setting worksheets, Recipe books, Restaurant guides,  Coaching guides and cheat sheets, leaving every angle covered with our built our coaching system.

So maybe you are thinking whether this is for you?

Let me tell you who my coaching is designed for..

  • Those who are ready to implement and want to be coached exactly what to do to leave them seeing results immediately

  • Those who want to learn, develop, and expand on their understanding of Nutrition, leaving them acquiring a set of skills they can have for life.

  • Those who want to Learn the true about Fat loss, and to be told what they really need to know

  • Those who can commit to 3-5 hours per week of exercise

  • Those who are fed up of lack of results, and want to take their progress to the next level

  • Those who want to learn how to manage the diet independently, while having full control over their food choices.

  • Those who need to be held accountable, to ensure more urgency, quality, and purpose behind their approach.

If only ONE of the above sounds like you – Awesome. But read below carefully…

Not everyone will suit my coaching.

That’s not me trying to put you off, but honestly, it’s not for those..

  • Wanting an overnight solution

  • Not happy to put 3-5 hours per week into their exercise.

  • Not happy to work directly with me on a personal level.

  • Who aren’t happy to work hard, and think they will be handed results on a plate

  • Not willing to follow guidance, direction, and tasks each and every week

  • Who want to find a budget, generic programme.

If you work with me and do EVERYTHING I tell you. YOU WILL GET RESULTS. NO QUESTIONS.

The proof is in the pudding…

I’m even that confident, that if you finish coaching, and you HAVE followed everything I’ve told you, and aren’t happy with your results, I’ll transfer every penny back to you.

“Sounds great, so how much will this cost me”

Before I answer this let me tell you…

Over the years I’ve invested over £25,000 into my own education. I’ve done thousands of hours learning, educating and developing myself as a coach. For the reason of being able to serve people just like you, to the highest possible standard. Now, when I was on the gym floor Personal Training, I used to charge £60/ hour sessions.

If I was to look at the time I have spent building my online coaching program, the time I spend working with clients each week, communicating, making adjustments to plans, performing weekly check ins, and the time I have invested into the Educational modules, we’re probably looking at 100+ hours.

100+ hours at £60/hour = £6000+

The good news is that it’s NOT going to cost you that.

Not anywhere near that.

In fact, it wont even cost you 2 hours of my time each week. However, to know exactly how much it’s will cost you. I need to find out a few things.

1, What exactly you need, and the goals you are working towards.

2, How long you coach for

3, How you decide to pay.

However based on the fact you have read this far, I’d love to invite you onto a strategy call.

To establish all the above, and explore your goals further.

All you need to do, to make the first step into building a body you are proud of, is hit the button below, and get in touch.


Frequently asked questions

It takes 3-4 days to review your Coaching audit, create and personalise your coaching programme, to ensure you are following everything which is tailored and bespoke to you.

No, we have clients who follow their workouts from home however I would STRONGLY suggest, if you are working out from home, you purchase some equipment to maximise the time working out from your home – I can provide suggestions on what to purchase if this is the case.

YES! I encourage all my clients to still live a normal lifestyle, by having meals out, drinks, and attending social occasions – You will have several guides and videos to help give you awareness of how this can be done, and still make progress
There’s no “set duration” however the initial commitment is over 3 month, where we set up to see RESULTS fast! – There is then a continuation where you can carry on coaching for as long, or as short as you like depending on how long you need to reach your full potential.

It’s going to cost less than 2 hours of my time each week, however first I need to gauge whether you’d be a good fit for the programme and whether I can definitely help you achieve your goals, If I feel I can, I will run through the payment options available, based on your goals, the duration, and the payment plans available.

Of course, it will require some effort – The quality of results I get with my clients won’t be handed to you on a plate, however, its my role to help take out the stress, confusion, uncertainty and overwhelm from you achieving the best results possible, and ultimately make it as easy as possible for you to stick with.

Now, I’m guessing you have booked in this call as you have been impressed with the results from other clients, or may in-fact know someone who has gone through my coaching programme, as a result, you’ve been drawn in by the results you’ve seen – Which is Awesome, as this coaching programme is built around results. I’ll be honest, there hasn’t been a client come through the programme who haven’t been pleased with the results they have achieved, if, however you feel you haven’t achieved results you are happy with, and have followed everything that has been set for you, I’ll transfer every penny back to you. So you either come to the end of the coaching, with amazing results, or your money back – WIN WIN!