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 Welcome to Ignite Fitness

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see.

Can you start to think, how you would feel, when you finally feel confident within your body. Where you can go away on holiday, and not feel self conscious, with your top off. When you can wear any outfit, and not worry about “how it fits”. Or eventually wake up in the morning, without the battle of your body image in your head.

Well, with IGNITE FITNESS, you can.

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 Online Coaching

Get in the shape of your life, with our premium coaching service

Our online coaching is individually created on a personal level, to each and every client we work with, so the exact features depend on what we feel you would suit the best.

With there being so much emphasis put on that 1 hour in the gym, the other 23 hours of the day are often swept underneath the table, when in fact this is usually where most are going wrong…

Join the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with, to achieve the shape of YOUR life!


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 Our Founder

Sam Meade

Here at Ignite Fitness, we remove the confusion of dieting, take out the feeling of overwhelm, and prevent the guesswork of your results.

Using methods which are researched, backed by evidence, unbiased, and tailored to you, leaves the advice we give impactful, and sure to get you the results you are looking for.

One thing we pride ourselves in, is RESULTS – And with over 10 years experience, we’ve helped hundreds of clients, shift unwanted body fat, improve self confidence, and build a body they are proud of.

Feedback & Results

What our clients say

“I was overweight, unhappy, unhealthy, something needed to change”

Harry went from having no confidence to looking like he should be on the front of Mens Health, through his year long, 100lb weight loss transformation.


“I’m leaner, fitter, and stronger than I’ve ever been”

David came to me a keen Rugby player, yet wanted to lose some weight not only to assist in his performance on the pitch but to improve Body Composition too – Safe to say we did that alright;)


Cara always “thought” she was doing the right thing…

but actually, was just putting too much focus on the wrong places. After understanding the principles of Nutrition, and scoping them to her lifestyle, she now looks and feels her best.


Lauren always wanted to go away on holiday and finally feel comfortable around the pooL…

however the lack of direction, and understanding with her Diet, never left her able to do that. However within 6 months, Lauren had dramatically improved her body image, she’s gained sky high confidence and feel’s the best about her body she has in years.


Ryan spent years, unhappy, unconfident, and riddled with anxiety due to his weight…

and despite how hard he tried, never got any closer to where he wanted to be. After working with my privately, and only 3 months in, Ryan lost 3 stone, come off anxiety medication, and feels a new man!


Ryan’s busy lifestyle lead him to put his Health and Fitness on the back seat…

but it got to the point where he finally wanted to do something about it. 4 months in, hes created the lean, muscular, toned physique, and got the bug back for working out.


Tori was one, people would say “didn’t need to lose weight”…

however, after doing just that, by now understanding nutrition and getting stronger, now is Leaner, stronger, fitter and now in a position to maintain the progress she’s made.


Ellee, had been battling her body image for quite some time…

After years of classes, and FAD diets, which only left her getting bigger, she got in touch, and started her journey to losing over 7 stone!


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Covering these key focus areas and more:

  • The key principles of training
  • Enhancing your understanding of nutrition

  • Establishing a bullet proof mindset

  • Yoga classes taught by Ylva Alexandersson

  • Delicious recipes and popular restaurant guides