Why your past diet attempts have always failed you. And how to fix that!

In this FREE audit, you will be given what generic “off the shelf” diet plans always fail to deliver. A personal review & feedback on how your current choices are sabotaging your attempts.

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All you have to do is answer a few questions (takes 5-10 minutes). All data will be securely stored & used ONLY for the purpose of providing you feedback. You will receive your feedback, by email, within 48 hours.

Matt Higson, 35, IT Designer

”9 months ago was probably one of the lowest points in my life. I felt exhausted all the time. Which meant, I couldn’t play with the kids, I was constantly worrying about my health & I was stressed out at work.

But now I feel like a new man. Thanks to Ignite Fitness, I am now 5 stone lighter, I no longer worry about what my future will look like & I am actually performing better at work. And the best thing; my kids are the ones who get tired out before me!”

In this FREE audit you’ll find out…

Which eating habits are holding you back

Your ability to feel satisfied & full of energy is hugely affected by what time of day you eat, time spent eating & habits such as fasting

The food choices hurting you most

Your favourite foods, takeaways & restaurants all play a part. You may be shocked to learn which are hurting you & which surprisingly are not

The impact of your favourite tipple

Drinking alcohol is a huge needle mover. But you don’t have to give it up. Learn how your personal habits could be changed to reduce the impact on results

Why “Healthy Foods” are holding you back

Healthy Food should be a staple of our diet, but learn how it ‘could’ be slowing your weight loss

Your responses will be personally reviewed by either Sam or Ellee. So you receive feedback, advice & recommended changes, specifically tailored to you.

Hi, we are Ellee & Sam

Together we have helped over 400 people drop pounds, feel more energetic & abolish their health worries, for good! All built on our core foundation of personalisation & support.

Our support for each other is what enabled us both to achieve results in business & with our bodies that we never dreamt were possible.

That’s why in this FREE audit, we want to give you a taste of that support. You’re going to get from us, for free, what most coaches would charge you hundreds of pounds for.

We do this because we want to show you the power of support & personalisation. There are no magic secrets when it comes to weight loss. And you’ve probably been blasted with messages in an industry that sells false promises & broken dreams.

Anyone can lose weight when you are given a plan tailored to you as an individual & supported in the right ways. And that’s what we built our business around. It has worked for over 400 people on our program & it will work for you.

Here’s what you and I both know, you are at a crossroads. To the left is the same old path, full of generic weight loss plans that will inevitably result in another failure. To the right is the road fewer people choose. Choosing the right road makes all the difference. We hope you’ll choose the right road & take the first step to ‘forever results’ by taking the time to fill out your own personalised audit to find out more about where you are right now!

This is what has been achieved by people who embraced personalisation & support