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With the right support, losing weight will be easier than you ever dreamt of

Learn what works for your body, feel energetic & spend more time being active with your family & friends

Sam Meade

Founder & Coach

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Are you sick of lying to yourself & justifying to others why you’re overweight?

It hurts, everytime, because it’s not like you haven’t tried before. Being overweight has become an epidemic – it shows how generic weight loss advice is not fit for purpose. The system is broken.

You already know that by carrying extra weight you’re exposing yourself to future health problems & that you need to make a change. But you already feel burnt out & maintaining a healthy diet is a nightmare.

Those extra pounds are hurting you in ways that you may not even realise

The effects of carrying extra weight invade every aspect of your life:

  • Your energy is always low which often affects your mood.
  • You miss out on bonding time with family as you can’t take part in activities.
  • The idea of shopping for clothes is terrifying. How will you be judged?
  • You feel burnt out yet you can’t seem to sleep properly.
  • There is constant fear over your health as you get older.
  • The highs & lows caused by your diet leave you feeling exhausted.
  • Your relationships suffer as the energy lows leave you ratty.

It’s not the ‘carrying an extra 20lbs’ or ‘low energy’ that’s the real problem…

It’s too easy to blame yourself. “If I didn’t give up so easily then i’d be fine” – you tell yourself.

But this is why most people think losing weight is so hard. They believe the past failures are all down to them. But what if we told you it wasn’t? That you’ve been tricked into thinking your health problems, busy work life, or bad genes are what makes it so hard.

I don’t blame you for thinking that way. The fitness industry is full of under qualified “professionals” feeding you information that works for the few. That 10% that don’t have many commitments & the luxury of free time to focus on themselves.

That isn’t reality. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be hard for you. Not when you’re given a solution as individual as you are.

Imagine your life in 6 months: 20lbs lighter & full of energy, enjoying being active

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This could be the last time you ever have to worry about your weight again!

Here’s how our 1:1 coaching helps you:

  • You’ll lose 10-20lbs in as little as 6 weeks, which can even reverse health issues
  • You’ll have more energy to be active with the ones you love & spend less time worrying about your health
  • And you’ll even see how losing weight isn’t hard; when you are shown the way that works for you.

The best thing is, once you see & believe how easy it can be for you, everything else falls into line. You’ll start feeling the extra energy before you know it, making it easier to stick to your new routine. Without even noticing it, the weight starts disappearing.

It almost feels like you’re cheating because “losing weight is hard” right? Not anymore.

So you don’t have to worry about wearing those clothes off the rack because they’re the only ones that fit. No more dreading walking into high street stores being judged for the sizes you’re buying. You’re now confident in your own skin & full of belief at your ability to maintain your new body. Your new normal.

You’ll never worry about your weight again when you have the ‘know how’ & support.

Support is the difference between success & failure. We believe in that statement so much that we’ve built the Ignite Fitness family around it. Because when you have that magical combination of the right information & the feeling that someone is by your side every step of the way; you achieve great things.

And this is the success that you can expect:

  • You’ll realise it’s ok to focus on your own needs, that your family won’t suffer as a result.
  • You’ll feel energetic & focussed at work enabling you to perform at your highest level.
  • You won’t have to worry about not being able to take part in activities because of your weight.
  • Healthy food won’t be bland & boring, you’ll understand how delicious & exciting it can be.
  • You can be that positive influence & great example to your loved ones.
  • You’ll have a new level of self confidence, not just in your appearance but also your abilities.

In fact, you’ll look back and wonder why you ever thought it was so hard.

“Yeah but I’ve heard it all before & it didn’t work then… why now?”

When you want something so badly but it always seems to fail; it’s no surprise that you believe that it’s too hard & nothing works.

In fact before Ellee & I joined forces. We both felt the exact same way. She was struggling with her weight loss journey & I was having a crisis of confidence in business. It’s enough to make you just want to give up. But in the back of your mind that little flicker of light somehow manages to stay lit.

And this is where the fitness world has failed you. By making you believe that they can just churn out generic plans that work for everybody because “science says so”. But they forget the human element to it all. That we all live very different lives, with different pressures. It’s enough to leave you feeling all alone.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And you’ll see that when you’re shown the right way & given the right support.

Up until now you’ve believed losing weight is TOO HARD. What if I told you that with the right guidance, it would actually be easy?

We hear all sorts of reasons as to why people haven’t lost weight:

  • Health problems keeping a lock on fat (inc. Type II Diabetes)
  • Bad genes making it so much more difficult
  • Eating healthy is boring & the family hate it – “who has time to cook twice”
  • Focussing on yourself means your loved ones will suffer
  • You can’t diet – you have barely any energy already

But here’s the thing. None of these are true.

Your mind has developed these beliefs because of past failed attempts. Too often when diets don’t work, we turn inwards and blame ourselves when in truth, you were set up from the start to fail.

And yes, if you don’t stand up to make a change, these reasons will continue to dominate your beliefs. But here’s why our hyper personalised coaching will make you believe that losing weight is easy:

  • You’ll be supported & guided every step of the way
  • Your plan will be built around your likes, dislikes & daily schedule
  • Your health & lifestyle needs will be accounted & adjusted for
  • You’ll be shown how to focus on your needs whilst keeping family involved
  • Everything you eat will be family friendly – you’ll only cook once, for everyone

Losing weight will feel easy. You’ll have more energy than ever before. And You’ll see how having health problems or “bad genes” don’t hold you back. All it takes is a targeted, personalised approach. You are not a generic person. So you need more than a generic solution!

See the results for yourself – these people used to think just like you, before they started.

Hear from Laura
Hear from Emma
Hear from Laura

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Imagine life 6 months from now, being ACTIVE with your loved ones & smashing targets at work. Because you’re now full of energy & feeling positive about the future!

”6 months ago was probably one of the lowest points in my life. I lacked confidence, I didn’t look forward to holidays, and I limited myself to baggy clothes that I could hide away in.

But now I feel like a new Women. Thanks to Ignite Fitness, I am now 3 stone lighter, I no longer worry about what my future will look like, I wear what I WANT to wear, and actually look forward to going out socialising with friends.

With the right support & personalised approach, losing weight will feel easy. Boost your confidence & look forward to a healthy future.

The Ignite Fitness hyper personalised bespoke 1:1 coaching is designed to work around your busy lifestyle, accommodate any health problems & show you how you can focus on yourself WITHOUT taking time away from your family. Our coaching will help you feel more energetic, boost your self esteem & actually enjoy taking those family photos.

With the right support & personalised approach, losing weight will feel easy. Boost your confidence & look forward to a healthy future.

You want to:

  • lose 1-3 stone in weight
  • control or even get rid of health issues like type 2 diabetes
  • show the world that you’re someone who achieves results
  • have more energy to perform better at work
  • Enjoy shopping for the clothes you actually want…

…it’s also for you if you want to:

  • have more experiences with your family & loved ones
  • set a great example for your kids
  • feel confident about the way you look
  • never be seen as ’the big one’ of the group ever again

Because, life’s too short to waste another day worrying about the future. You don’t have to live with issues like Type II diabetes or restricted mobility because of your weight. You can look forward to being an active part of your family’s future, enjoying weddings & spending time with grandkids. You can have a healthy life.

But… Our bespoke 1:1 coaching isn’t for everyone…

If you’re somebody who is ‘work shy’, someone who isn’t willing to take ownership of their life; then it’s not for you. If you’re somebody who doesn’t value family & the support that relationships can bring, we probably aren’t for you. And if you’re somebody who is looking for a ‘quick, easy win’ then look elsewhere. Because lifetime success is not built with these qualities.

Everything you need to achieve fast, long lasting weight loss, feel more energetic & spend less time worrying about your health.

Losing weight is easy when you’re shown a way that treats you as an individual. Your health, lifestyle choices & genes all affect the “how to”, but not your ability to succeed. And here’s what your 1:1 coaching will give you…

  • Multi-level 1-1 accountability coaching
    The most important factor of success is support; this is our core belief. And you’ll get it in abundance. Not just from your coach. You’ll be shown how involving loved ones in your journey allows you to focus on yourself, without family time & relationships suffering. So there’s always someone to pick you up when it feels tough.
  • Personalised nutrition audit
    An in depth look into your life now, allows our coaches to really develop your perfect plan. Delivering you results, faster & easier than you ever thought were possible.
  • Bespoke nutrition guidance tailored to your goals and body weight
    Your health, lifestyle, likes & dislikes will all form the foundations of your program. So you’ll no longer feel confused over what your body needs. Your program will fit around your family life too – no need to cook twice! A healthy life full of the food you love awaits.
  • Individualised training phases to ensure progression suited for your personal abilities
    No time? Health problems? Maybe you just hate the gym? Or love it? Your training will be adapted to fit into your life. We’ll help you enjoy a more active life that adapts & changes as you progress without taking time away from the things you love doing.
  • Exclusive educational curriculum to lose weight & keep it off for life
    Feel the weight of confusion lift off your shoulders. We don’t just want to deliver you results. We want you to teach you about your body & its needs. Because when the time comes for us to part ways, you need to feel confident that you can maintain your results for life.

But we really want to make sure you find losing weight as easy as possible…

When you join our 1:1 bespoke coaching program, you’ll also get these bonus tools:

  • Family friendly recipe books
    Support is success. Use these recipes – that your whole family will love – and include them on your journey. Take it on as a team & share in the amazing feeling of success.
  • Eating out guide, with 40+ restaurants
    Your plan should seamlessly fit into your life. That includes your social life. Feel confident knowing that you don’t have to give up your meals out with family & friends. You can have fun & get results.
  • Alcohol swaps book
    Do you hate having to justify why you’re not drinking when you’re out with friends? Seamlessly blend in with these creative swaps & feel like you’re enjoying something special at the same time thanks to this little life saver.
  • Personalised supplements guidance
    Trying to workout what you need & what you don’t can be a nightmare. But don’t worry, we’re here to make it easy for you. You’ll be guided on the supplements that will help you most.

Are you ready so say goodbye to the health worries & burnout? And show the world the new energetic, active & present you?

It’s time to leave behind those awkward trips to the clothes shops, to forget the fears of missing out on those family photos, or fun times on the beach. Because you have a life of adventure to live, one where people admire you for the fantastic example that you’re setting for those around you.

So let’s get started & find out more about you…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give up on date nights or nights out with alcohol?2022-01-02T20:09:02+00:00

Definitely not. We want you to live your life the way you want to. You’ll be shown how to have that glass of red wine in front of the fire in the pub without jeapordising your progress. Life long results are all about balance. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to achieve.

Should I wait until after my holiday, next month, to start?2022-01-02T20:08:09+00:00

The challenges of holidays, Christmas, birthdays & other events will always be there. If you don’t learn early on how to manage them & shift your lifestyle to incorporate these events, your weight loss will always be a short term solution.

By working with us through these events, you will learn how to handle them, whilst having the added bonus of receiving support from your coach.

Will I have to cook seperately for me & my family.2022-01-02T20:07:23+00:00

Absolutely not. One of our core values is family. Your kids need to see that strict dieting isn’t the answer. You will be able to set the right example for your family. Providing them with nutritious, delicious & varied meals that even the fussiest of eaters will love!

The kids just take too much time, how can I make this work?2022-01-02T20:06:51+00:00

Personalised. Bespoke. Your plan has to work for you. If you see a barrier to your success, your coach will provide a solution. Whether thats short, sharp workouts; or figuring out how to involve your kids in activities, rest assured, your individual needs will be catered for.

How much will it cost me?2022-01-02T19:57:33+00:00

Getting you to a place where you’re happy is all that matters to us. On your free discovery call we will find out everything about you. That way we can be honest with the time  it will take.

We won’t accept anyone into the program unless you can commit to the time needed to change your life. This cannot be another failed attempt for you. The amount it will cost will depend on how long you need.

But we know, this is a big decision for you. So if you want to bring a loved one along with you to the call for support. We would love to have them too. And remember, it’s a discovery call to find out how we can help you. There is zero obligation.

How much time do I have to invest? I’m already so busy…2022-01-02T20:02:48+00:00

First of all, try not to worry. Your plan will be designed to fit in to your life. No matter how busy it is, you will be be able to achieve the results that you want. As a rule of thumb, 3-5 hours per week is more than enough!

How will my plan fit in with my work life?2022-01-02T20:03:10+00:00

Once we know what your typical work day looks like, we can plan for it. You’ll also be given options & tools to be able to deploy incase you have a last minute change. So you’ll always know you have options!

I have too much going on in my life to stick to a plan…2022-01-02T20:03:32+00:00

Moving house? New baby? Changing jobs?… These are all things that some of our greatest success stories have dealt with. And guess what they all said? Adding structure do their day not only helped them lose weight, but it helped them feel calmer about their changing environment.

I don’t want to fail again, why should I trust you?2022-01-02T20:04:21+00:00

Ultimately, you have to take a leap of faith. You’ve been let down in the past by solutions that have treated you as a number – a “one size fits all approach”.

We want you to be a part of our family. Because family looks out for one another. And it’s what made us who we are today.

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s have a chat on a call & hopefully you’ll see that your success, is what drives us. You’ve got nothing to lose, it’s a free chat, and you can walk away at any point.

Should I wait until my injury is better before starting?2022-01-02T20:05:09+00:00

Having an injury won’t stop you losing weight. Any health problems you have can be worked with. You will only be asked to do things within your current capability. Part of your discovery call is to discuss any problems that you’re suffering with.

Do I have to have a gym membership?2022-01-02T20:05:45+00:00

No. If you don’t want to train in a gym, you don’t have to. Success is built around making things as easy for you as possible. That means if you would prefer to train at home or outside, your plan will give you just that.

Take the first step to seeing how easily you actually can lose weight…

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