Being a kid was awesome. When you fell down, you were picked up & your knees were brushed off. If school was hard, there was always someone to help. At least, that’s what it was like for me. One of the lucky ones. But as you get older you’re told..

“Stand on your own two feet”

“You’ve got to make it on your own”

I left school with average grades – If I was going to provide for my future family, I’d have to do it on my own. So I studied, grafted & sacrificed to start my own business, helping others lose weight. And it felt amazing. But…

Doing it all on my own became hard. I was burnt out, overwhelmed & struggled to keep up with the workload. Maybe this was too hard, I felt out of my depth & like I should give up. Around this time – my now life & business partner – Ellee signed up for coaching. Instantly we clicked. We shared the same family values. We wanted to be seen by kids one day as a success, as a good influence on their lives. The motivation to work hard now, would pay off in more time to spend with family later on. It was scary how similar we were.

Ellee had always struggled to lose weight. She suffered from a lack of self confidence. It always got too hard & she gave up. We worked closely together & as the weight started to fall off, our bond grew. To the point where we saw a future together. The feeling was amazing. I had a renewed focus, felt calm and had a clear vision once again.

But I didn’t know why… Then it clicked… Just as I had supported Ellee to lose weight, she had supported me emotionally with my business, empowering me to perform like never before. So yes you can stand on your own two feet. But having someone stand beside you every step of the way… That’s where success is born. So that’s what you get from the Ignite Fitness family. Someone who stands by your side & guides you to success.