Would you like to know why it is that you have always struggled to lose weight?

Get your FREE personalised nutrition audit today & find out what it is that has been holding you back. Your audit will give you advice, recommendations & changes that you can implement right away!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The truth about your your current eating habits – chances are, they’re hurting you more than you think
  • Changes that are not only quick to implement, they are also easy to stick to
  • More understanding of yourself than ANY generic weight loss program can give you
  • How simple routines that you follow may actually be killing your weight loss chances
  • The belief, finally, that losing weight is NOT hard! Not when you have a plan tailored to you!
Get my FREE nutrition audit today!

Cara Donoghue, 40’s, Corporate Role

“I never had time for the gym. Whenever I used to try to be a “new woman” & have it all, I just exhausted myself and came crashing back down to earth. I desperately wanted to lose weight. Every failure was taking a notch out of my self esteem.

I met Sam & Ellee & instantly felt a connection. It genuinely felt like I was being listened to & cared for. They showed me how I could lose weight without it draining my energy. In fact I felt more alive than ever. And now I know, I can have the career and the body I want.”

Do you wish you could ditch that excess weight, feel more energetic & love your body?

It’s time to leave that feeling behind that losing weight is hard, that your health problems or lifestyle are the reason that you’ve always failed. You’ve been sold a lie, that one size fits all approaches work. They don’t!

But what if I told you that with a personalised approach coupled with a high level of support you could:

  • Find losing weight easy. (When your likes, dislikes, needs & lifstyle are accounted for, you’ll find it a doddle!)
  • See that health problems don’t stop you losing weight. (They just need to be considered in your eating & exercise.)
  • Feel more energetic than ever before. (No more getting tired chasing the kids around, they’ll be the ones saying stop!)
  • Buy the clothes you’ve always wanted. (Wear what you want to, not what you feel like you have to.)
  • Finally cherish those magic moments. (No more hiding from photos or saying no to active days out.)

It’s an approach that has worked for over 400 people to date. And it can work for you too. Find out more about our bespoke coaching program today.

Tell me more about bespoke coaching

Having someone stand beside you every step of the way is the key to success

Seeing a person transform their life from a place where their self confidence is rock bottom thanks to failed diet attempts, to a place where they are full of energy & love the way they look in the mirror is what we live for.

My name is Sam Meade and 5 years ago I founded Ignite Fitness. But it wasn’t until I met my life & business partner Ellee that I really understood what it was that held the key to guiding people to achieving the body they’ve always dreamt of.

When we showed our clients our new way of thinking, we were amazed at how much of a difference it made to their weight loss journey’s. Discover our story & how people are changing their lives right now as you read!


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